Welcome to #EatandTweet

Welcome to #EatandTweet our brand new website, which as you may have guessed is all about food.

So what are our aims? Well, we love food as does everyone, so what we want to do is bring you recipes for everything good we cook ourselves from fresh. Though not only that, being experience reviewers (albeit usually of videogames) we also want to bring you our thoughts on any places we eat at. So wherever we visit to eat, you’ll get our honest and professional opinion of the food. We understand that our readers are a big part of our website, so we’ll also be asking you to join in the fun.

First of all we’d love you to #eatandtweet using this very hashtag. That way we can pick up all of your pictures and if you wish recipes without having to leave the site. We also invite you to send us your pictures and reciepes via our contact form, although if we can make this even easier for you, then we will. The website is only getting started and of course we hope that it will evolve into something quite special. That will be down to us, hopefully with some help from you, our readers.

We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we will.

Joe Anderson

Joe is a computer games and now food journalist. He loves to bake, cook and eat.

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