We were looking for something quick to cook for the kids and short of making pizza dough, we thought it may be a good idea to use up some of the flour tortillas we had lying around, so say hello to our Pizza Quesadillas.

This recipe is easy and tastes great, so let’s get started.


Pizza Quesadillas Recipe (can use toppings of your choice)

  • 8 flour tortillas
  • tomato puree x 2 tubes
  • tin tuna in spring water x 2
  • Mozzarella cheese x 2 packs (or 1 large pack)
  • fresh basil, chopped
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

Get one of the tortillas and spread with tomato puree. Next add the tuna and/or any other ingredients that you’d usually have on a pizza. Next, rip some mozzarella and place evenly across the loaded base, making sure there is enough on there so that when it melts you’ll have plenty of cheese across the pizza. Lastly sprinkle on the basil, drizzle with oil and season to taste. Place another tortilla on top to finish.

To cook simply place in a lightly oiled pan and heat until the cheese starts to melt and the base starts to brown. Once this has been achieved, carefully flip the pizza over and brown the other side. When ready slide out of the pan and slice into 8 pieces to serve (or larger pieces if you prefer).

Repeat until you have as many pizzas as you require and enjoy.


Joe Anderson

Joe is a computer games and now food journalist. He loves to bake, cook and eat.

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