Hove Park Cafe, Brighton and Hove

Sometimes it’s nice to sit at a cafe in the sun when you visit the park with the children and one such place you can do this is Hove Park Cafe.

Set in the middle of Hove Park, East Sussex. The Hove Park Cafe is an old cottage style building which is surrounded by small metal fences. It also has a toilet nearby, a garden with some basic play equipment to keep small children occupied and outdoor seating, which is great for a nice sunny day. This amenities make it a great place to have a quiet sit down, although you’ll pay slightly over the odds for the privilege.


Heading into the cafe you are greeted with a selection of salad, sausage rolls and cakes. On this visit we were only stopping for a cup of tea, while my son had a slice of rocky road cake and a chocolate milkshake. For a diet coke, slice of cake and a tea we paid just under £8, which seems a little excessive. Not much can go wrong with tea or milkshake of course, but the cake itself was rather stale, which I was expecting considering all of the other cakes on display didn’t look particularly appealing.

On the positive side, the staff seemed happy and friendly enough, while the tables seemed to be cleared on a regular occasion. Of course it’s hard to judge a cafe on a stale piece of cake and an expensive cup of tea, but we had a nice enough time sitting in the sun and having a chat, while our son played on the equipment.

Overall, I’d definitely say there is room for improvement on the prices and the quality of the cakes on offer, but if you’re in the area and need somewhere to refuel then Hove Cafe offers a passable experience.

Website: Hove Park Cafe | Address: Hove Park Cafe, Park View Rd, Hove, BN3 7BF, United Kingdom

Joe Anderson

Joe is a computer games and now food journalist. He loves to bake, cook and eat.

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