What has now become a regular haunt for myself and the Mrs, Bar Gumbo, manage to serve what many other restaurants and fast food restaurants fail at, great food, lots of it and cheap.

Though pretty much all on the New Orleans inspired menu sounds tasty, the main pull pretty much every week is the Po Boy and if I had it my way I would have one every day. A Po Boy is in its simplest terms a lightly toasted sub bun stacked with a hot filling and a very original and tasty Cajun Mayo that sets this apart from every other sub out there. Pictured is the cajun chicken Po Boy though the menu also offers batter fried shrimp, Louisiana veg, pulled pork and the tasty beef brisket each ranging from £5-£7 during the lunch time deals. Just the Po on its own would be a suitable dinner, let alone a quick bite, but for that price you also get a soft drink and some fantastic fresh cut wedges that are to die for, many a time I find myself filling up on them before even attempting the Po.


If you feel like a hole needs to be filled in your stomach then why not try one of their tasty starters, the photo also shows the Southern Fried Tenders which are so big that the Mrs just had that for lunch. Served as four amazingly seasoned boneless chicken pieces, these on their own are more than enough.

Great food aside, being set near the bottom of Byres Road, Glasgow means it is easily mistaken for one of the many student style pubs the street is known for, but don’t be fooled as inside is a welcoming double bar that caters for both the drinkers and eaters, leaving you to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, decent alternative music and very friendly staff who you know don’t eat there as they are just too skinny.

Glasgow has of late become a haven for good burgers, but I thinks it’s time for them to move over as now its clearly Po time.

Website: Bar Gumbo | Address: Bar Gumbo, 71 – 77 Byres Rd, Glasgow, United Kingdom.